The relentless growth of a technology startup

Our History

The story of the company begins in the early 2000...

... at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where Alessandro Fracassi and Marco Pescarmona were attending their MBA.

Here the two young Italians were daydreaming about creating a startup to support consumers to be better off while making the most important choices in their life.

So they founded, the first Italian online mortgage broker that expanded in several price comparison businesses (the so called “Broking Division”) and BPO businesses, all rolling up into a Gruppo MutuiOnline, a holding listed on the Milan stock exchange.​

What was formerly called “Broking Division” is now Mavriq.

Encourage everyone to make the right choice and be better off

We have grown fast...



    Launch of

  • PrestitiOnline


    Launch of

  • 2007

    IPO on the Milan Stock Exchange



    Introduction of the Insurance Comparison



    Launch of

  • Trovaprezzi.itDrezzy


    Acquisition of 51% of 7pixel S.r.l.: and are now part of the Group!

  • SOS Tariffe


    Acquisition of

  • PoinzillaFeedaty


    Completion of the acquisition of Zoorate by 7pixel S.r.l.

  • RastreatorRastreator MxLeLynx


    Acquisition of, and

  • Mavriq



  • Switcho


    Further acquisitions our current global reach

  • We currently manage 18 brands across 4 countries (and counting)

  • Every month over 15 million users visit one of our websites

  • Hundreds of partners working with us across the globe

  • We work with over 800 talented colleagues in 3 continents