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The Mavriq brands

Every week our trusted brands help millions of consumers across Europe and overseas to find the best deal for their specific needs across a wide variety of service and product segments, easily and transparently, so that they can save money and time. Each brand in our portfolio has its distinctive scope, target segment(s) and communication style. In the family we also have an odd-one-out, find out which of our brands is not an online business! is our Italian multi-product comparison website and most famous brand, founded in 2012. As a one stop shop for consumers to save on insurance, utilities and financial products, it has today more than 3 million monthly visits! Go check its ironic ads on YouTube!

Visit website is our heritage, the first brand we launched back in 2000. Today, it is the leading credit broker in Italy and has helped over 2 million Italians with their mortgage choice. Now the team has more than 150 people based in some of the sunniest Italian regions (and, well, Milano…)!

Visit website has been the undisputed Italian leader in e-commerce price comparison for over 20 years and partners with more than 3000 thousand selected merchants. Its office is in the style of a farmhouse in the middle of the Pavia countryside!

Visit website

Rastreator is the leading online comparison and intermediation website in Spain. Born in 2009 with a focus on car insurance, it now allows to compare over 45 products. Our 140+ colleagues are based out of Madrid and Sevilla.

Visit website

LeLynx is our French comparison website and one of the leading online insurance brokers in the country, boasting a wide product range. Launched in 2010, it has a team of 40+ people is based in Paris, the ville lumière. Malynx LeLynx!

Visit website

Rastreator Mx is the Latin American spin-off of the Rastreator brand and has been the first insurance comparison website in Mexico, a rapidly growing and evolving market. Mágico México!

Visit website

SOS Tariffe is the Italian pioneer in the comparison of energy, broadband, and mobile phones contracts. Its team of 200+ people is scattered around Europe, between Milano (our headquarters), Pisa, Lecce, Matera and Tirana in Albania!

Visit website

PrestitiOnline was our second website in 2001 and the first online personal loan and secured loan aggregator in the Italian market. Its customer support team is based out of Cagliari in Sardinia, and the rest of the team is fully integrated with the MutuiOnline team!

Visit website


Switcho is our last acquisition: founded in 2019 to help Italians save on electricity, gas, telephone, and insurance bills, it has a distinctive fully digital model that performs personalized analyses of energy bills.

Visit website

FondiOnline is an innovative online mututal fund supermarket in Italy, where you can access more than 20.000 Investment Funds, Sicav and Pension Funds. It operates as a regulated investment broker.

Visit website

The history of CercAssicurazioni goes back to the Italian pioneers of online insurance comparison in year 2000. Today it represents our second insurance comparison brand and the regulated broker managing Segugio’s insurance business.

Visit website is our second Spanish brand, whose website was acquired by Rastreator in 2015. Does the smiling logo look familiar? Seguro!

Visit website is our second Mexican brand, also acquired by Rastreator in 2015. Does the logo and the colour look even more familiar? Súper seguro!

Visit website

Drezzy is a fashion aggregator born in 2011 from the experience. It is not just a catalog of clothes and accessories, but also a place where you can find inspiration for your look and discover current trends!

Visit website was born in 2015 with the idea of offering something more than e-commerce comparison. All products are tested and reviewed by experienced testers, who accompany our consumers in the choice of their appliances, utensils, services and much more!

Visit website is our Italian vertical comparison website focused on deposit and current accounts. Do you have some extra liquidity that you saved on our other websites? Head to and find the best piggy bank for you.

Visit website


If you guessed it, you are right! Money360 is our only offline business, it is a credit broker operating an agent network of 120 credit professionals spanning the Italian territory, specialized in mortgages, re-mortgages and loans.

Visit website is the first Italian site to search notaries online. If you have chosen your mortgage through, go check out and find the perfect notary to close your contract! Obviously, for free!

Visit website is a helpful website that, in a simple and quick way, allows to look for bank branches and bank agencies present throughout Italy.

Visit website


Feedaty is our B2B solution to support online businesses manage certified reviews and make the most of user generated content. Its trusted reviews appear on Trovaprezzi.

Visit website


Poinzilla is Feedaty’s youngest brother. Its B2B solutions support online businesses to create loyalty schemes and make their customers happy!

Visit website

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The Mavriq companies

Mavriq is the institutional brand name collectively identifying all the subsidiaries of Moltiply Group active in the comparison and/or intermediation of products and services. The list of all legal entities, each equipped with an autonomous organizational structure and subject where appropriate to regulatory supervision, can be found in the Our companies section.