A typical Series 500 Recovery Switching System contains the following components:

• Rack mount chassis (1)
• Switching interface cards (16)
• Control card (1)
• Power modules (2) or
Redundant Power Supply chassis (1) for
support up to eight chassis




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500-RM Rack mount chassis 7" (4 RU) high for up to 32 channels. Contains 17 available slots—16 slots dedicated to switching interface cards, 17th slot for power supply/control card.

The front panel provides clear indication of the switched position of each of the 32 channel switches. The LEDs for each channel provide a visual indication of the present position for each switched channel. A key operated switch enables/disables all local switching functions.

Power presence to each chassis is acknowledged by two LEDs indicating proper supply for single or redundant AC power configuration.

501-RM Rack mount chassis 8.75" (5 RU) high for up to 16 channels. Same as 500-RM, used with SCSI and DB50 Switching Interface Cards.

Cards for 500-RM Chassis
520-1 V.35 card, 21 conductors
521-1 DB25 card, 25 conductors, F/F
521-2 DB25 card, 25 conductors, F/M
522-1 Coax card, single channel
523-1 Coax card, double channels
524-1 RJ-11 card, single channel
525-1 RJ-11 card, double channels
526-1 RJ-45 (Cat-5) card, single channel
527-1 RJ-45 (Cat-5) card, double channels
528-1 DB9 card, 9 conductors, F/F
529-1 DB15 card, 15 conductors, F/F
530-1 Twinax card
531-1 HDB15 card, 15 conductors, F/F

598-0 Blank panel, 7" high

Cards for 501-RM Chassis
533-5 AB card, 50 conductors

535-5 SCSI 2 AB card, 50 conductors
536-5 SCSI 2 cross card, 50 conductors, 2 slots
537-5 SCSI 3 AB card, 68 conductors
538-5 SCSI 3 cross card, 68 conductors, 2 slots
539-5 SCSI 1 AB Telco champ, 50 conductors, 2 slots
540-5 SCSI 1 Telco champ cross card
598-5 Blank panel, 8.75" high

A Basic Control Card determines the means and type of gang switching, either chassis level or system level. An option is available for remote gang switching via a relay closure contact. The card requires the use of a power source, which can be Power Module #581-1 or #581-2; or an outside source, -48 V dc. For added reliability, the use of two Power Modules is needed or the Redundant Power Supply #580-RM can be used, which can provide power for up to eight chassis. All Control Cards are applicable to both 500-RM and 501-RM chassis.
560-1 Basic Control Card, 12 V ac
561-1 Basic Control Card, -48 V dc
562-1 Advanced Control Card, 12 V ac. Provides local control as 560-1 with addition of SNMP, Telnet, Web browser and RS-232 control

563-1 Advanced Control Card, -48 V dc (all else same as 562-1)

The power supply provides power requirements for an entire chassis. One Power Module provides power to a single chassis. For redundancy, the use of two Power Modules is needed. A rack mounted Redundant Power Supply (#580-RM) can provide power for up to eight chassis.
580-RM Redundant power supply. Provides power for up to eight chassis.
581-1 Power module, 110 V ac/12 V ac.
581-2 Power module, 220 V ac/12 V ac

Digital: RS-232/V24, V.35, RS-449, RS-530, NTDS Fast, X.21/X.25, T1/T2. Analog: RJ-11, RJ-45 (Cat-5). Coax: BNC, Twinaxial. SCSI 1, 2, 3: DB50

Transparent to all protocols.

Relay Type: latching.
Contact material: gold-clad silver.
Current capacity: 1 A
Initial contact resistance: 50 milliohms. Expected life (number of operations): 10,000,000.

Local: Manual local operation via toggle switches. Switching includes individual and group switching, rack gang switching, and system gang switching.
Remote: Via external relay contact closures.
SNMP, Telnet, Web browser and RS-232.

At 0-90% humidity, noncondensing: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)

500-RM Complies with MIL STD 189.
19" (48.26 cm) wide, Rack Mountable, 7" (17.78 cm) high, 6.5" (16.50 cm) deep

501-RM Complies with MIL STD 189.
19" (48.26 cm) wide, Rack Mountable, 8.75" (22.23 cm) high, 6.5" (16.50 cm) deep

580-RM Complies with MIL STD 189.
19" (48.26 cm) wide, Rack Mountable, 3.5" (8.89 cm) high, 6.5" (16.50 cm) deep

115 V ac 60 Hz. Optionally, 230 V ac 50 Hz. Optionally, -48 V dc